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Cross cultural training - doing business

The Arab Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait,Bahrain, Oman and Qatar) is increasingly attracting multinational companies and businesses. The number of expatriates working in the region is much more than the indigenous population.
Understanding the culture of the host country is the essential ingredient of the recipe of success to work and live in any country. Cross cultural training is just one vehicle through which one can bridge the cultural gap.
Working and Living in Arabia is the basic cross cultural training program that aims to equip expatriates with the tools that will enable them to be more effective in doing business with Arabs in general and Gulf Arabs in particular. We also provide consultancy and coaching before, during and after arrival to the international assignment. I invite you to explore the pages here and please don‘t hesitate to contact me for more details or discussions. Let‘s open the dialogue to bridge the cultural gap.

Read here what some of our participants who have attended our program say -

» " Dr. Abdulhamied Alromaithy’s deep knowledge was evident almost immediately…."

» "My intention is that this workshop become a mandatory part of the induction of all new staff and their families …."
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About The Trainer
Dr. Abdulhamied Alromaithy
With more than 34 years of work experience, Abdulhamied brings a wealth of knowledge and insights . . .
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