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Nose to Nose: Highlights of the Culture of Arabia

Abdulculturea has produced his first DVD entitled "Nose to Nose" which is a 56 minute highlights of the Culture of Arabia. In this DVD, he addresses some of the questions he has been asked in his training programs for Arab Gulf culture. Topics covered include greetings, visiting, gift giving, women etc.

The DVD is priced at Euro 85.00 but for a limited time, an introductory offer of Euro 50.00 is given to visitors of this site.

To get your copy, just send an email to  or click on contacts.

Doing Business in the Middle East 
Wednesday October 17, 2007
Metz Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Metz , France

This one day seminar is considered an eye opener for those interested in doing business in the Arab Gulf countries in particular and the Middle East in general. The program is designed to provide participants with information, insights and guidelines on a winning formula for doing business in the region. It focuses on practical and hands-on issues.

The seminar focuses on the cultural values of the people because understating these values makes it easy to communicate, do business and understand the behavior of the people in the area.

Program Outline

• Introduction

– Self introduction
– Expectations and Objectives
– Developing Program Objectives

• The Gulf society before discovery of oil (the pearl diving era)
– The seaside community
– The desert community
– The farmers community

• The present political and social systems
– Present Political System
– The Social Fabrics

• Ethnicity, minorities, multiculturalism,

• Muslims and Islam

• Arabs and others

• A close focus on religion
– Basic principles of Islam
– Religion and the law
– Religion and tradition

• The Culture
– High context
– Applications and examples

• Core Cultural Values
– Religion
– Family
– Personal relationship orientation
– Non confrontation
– Power and Hierarchy
– Women status

• Values and Stereotyping
– The kendoora Syndrome
– Personalization

• Selective Business Concepts and applications
– Time Concept
– Decision Making and Problem Solving
– Motivation
– Working with Gulf Nationals

• The Business Context
– Doing the homework (establish contacts, market research, competitors)
– Introductions (email, letters, style, documentations, etc )
– Meetings (format, scheduling, agenda, venue etc )
– First impressions (attire, language, nonverbal cues, etc)
– Presentations (business cards, PPT, catalogues, stationary, etc)
– Negotiation (win/lose, win/win )
– Personal and professional relationships
– Trust (I am ready when you are )
– Follow up (how, when )

• Special Issues
– Gift giving, corporate gifts,
– Religious occasions, condolences
– Special Occasions (birthdays, Valentine day, Mother’s day etc)

• Open discussion and evaluation

The Presenters
The program will be conducted jointly by two UAE national trainers; Dr. Abdulculturea Alromaithy and Layla Al Bloushi.

Abdulculturea Alromaithy
Dr. Alromaithy is a freelance consultant and an adjunct faculty at the University of Dubai. His work focuses on intercultural training, human resources consulting and microfinance. Born in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Alromaithy has attained a high level of international respect and recognition during the 34 years of his career.
Abdulculturea has lived, worked and lectured in the US, Australia, Malaysia, France, India, Tunisia, UK, Malta, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Ireland.

Layla Al Bloushi
Ms. Al Bloushi is the deputy director for operations, finance and human resources at the Institute of Applied Technology in Dubai. Layla\\\'s master\\\'s degree is from the Dubai campus of Wollongong University of Australia. She has conducted number of training programs for local training institutions as well as in Europe She is also a part time instructor with the University of Dubai. She is working now on her doctoral dissertation on the impact of globalization on the UAE national human resources.

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