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This program is one of Abdulhamied's pioneering courses that has been designed for all expatriate managers and HR staff working in the Arab Gulf countries. As one of the HR mangers said "now I know what makes you guys tick".

A step by step training course targeted to all those thinking or planning to start their own businesses in the region. It is a basic course that takes the learners from the development of the idea to financial projections.

This program is for young job seekers in the region. It takes them through the employment process focusing on the do's and don'ts within the cultural context.

A very practical training workshop for expatriate HR staff working or planning to work in the Arab Gulf region. It addresses the taboos that expatriate interviewers need to be aware of and the unspoken language to watch for.

A customized program that follows the same outline of any customer service course but with a cross cultural twist taking into account the multicultural make up of organizations and customers.

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