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Dr. Abdulculturea Alromaithy’s deep knowledge was evident almost immediately. He gave a very practical, secular explanation of the history, customs and local beliefs and changes which has brought the Emirates from their recent past through the almost unbelievable transition and onto the global stage that they find themselves today, as well as, providing the perspective of the non-secular and how the two segments have seemingly found a balance. Dr. Alromaithy’s style was very relaxed and open which made it extremely easy to ask virtually any question without the fear of offending or appearing insensitive. I actually finished the day thinking that I had met a potential friend.

I was glad that you initiated a frank discussion of the cultural realities of UAE nationals. In regards to my own teaching practice, I will now have the ability to formulate a more effective strategy for engaging disengaged and demotivated youth. As I learn more about the culture, this will only improve. In any event, you have opened my eyes to how much I do not know, and I sincerely thank you for that.

Dear Abdulculturea, Thank you very much for the excellent facilitation of our Intercultural understanding program. What a terrific session and based on all our participant feedback, a very valuable and insightful experience. So much so, that several other individuals have expressed a keen interest in attending future programs. Most appreciated is your honest and realistic portrayal of customs and traditions as per own personal encounters. The added benefit being that you have good insight into other cultures as well and could therefore illustrate the differences between various nationalities and how concepts and habits could be perceived differently or even be misunderstood. All the participants related extremely well to the manner in which you presented this program. Our participants felt that you captivated them throughout the session with your animated manner and humoristic tales. They also appreciated that it wasn’t a presentation with an overload of PowerPoint slides. The case studies which you provided also serve as an excellent point of reference It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

I found the session very helpful and think that it should be organized regularly after a new group of expatriates are employed by IAT. I particularly liked the coherent, well planned and focused flow of training, your openness to the participants' questions, very competent approach and your expertise. Most of all, I could see how well you understand expatriates' problems and challenges. The content of your training was very good and the way how you delivered the training was excellent. It was a very educational day and your respect and acceptance of us here are the values that bring us together.

Did it achieve my objectives? Yes. I agreed to participate today because I wanted to learn more about the culture of the UAE. That was achieved. Would I recommend this workshop to others? Definitely. My intention is that this workshop become a mandatory part of the induction of all new staff and their families upon arrival in the UAE Despite what you said about the use of the words thank you, THANK YOU.

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