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Very interesting and useful training session. Would have liked it to be over two days as there were topics listed that we did not get to cover in detail that I would have found helpful to know about. I think you would make an excellent professional mentor for expatriates working in the UAE. Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience.

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for this session which I have learned and enjoyed a lot. It was very informational and interesting concepts which I enriched myself with leaning it from you. You have displayed high professionalism, humor and a role model individual representing the UAE. However, there was a lot to cover in the program and would have wanted more time to have a group discussion or information sharing. Thank you for allowing me to discuss the "I love you ' definition in this culture. Again your time is highly acknowledge.

The course is highly recommended and should be introduced for all new employees and spouses. Very informative course. Great instructor.

Excellent program and definitely use more than 1.5 days to cover the various aspects of the course. You've used clear language, covered crucial points in a fair and open way. I have enjoyed the program and have learned something. Thank you.

I attended the cross cultural education training and thoroughly enjoyed the program. The instructor Abdulculturea was EXCELLENT. I would recommend that this program is required to ALL newcomers that come work in the UAE and Gulf region. The instructor has a very deep knowledge and understanding of all cultures. What I really liked is that it wasn't about do's and don'ts, but about how to understand the culture. FANTASTIC PROGRAM. Thanks

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