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The Training Program

Doing Business in Arabia

Here is the general outline and topics of the main training program. The content and scope of coverage will be modified according to the needs and requirements of the group as well as the time allocated for the program.




» Self introduction
» Expectations and Objectives
» Developing Program Objectives


The Gulf society before discovery of oil (the pearl diving era)



» The seaside community
» The desert community
» The farmers community


The present political and social systems



» Present Political System
» The Social Fabrics



- Ethnicity, minorities, multiculturalism,
- Muslims and Islam
- Arabs and others


A close focus on religion



» Basic principles of Islam
» Religion and the law
» Religion and tradition


The Culture



» High context
» Applications and examples


Core Cultural Values



» Religion
» Family
» Personal relationship orientation
» Non confrontation
» Power and Hierarchy
» Women status


Values and Stereotyping



» The kendoora Syndrome
» Personalization


Selective Business Concepts and applications



» Time Concept
» Decision Making and Problem Solving
» Concept of Space and space bubble
» Training and Development issues
» Motivation
» Working with Gulf Nationals
» Emiratization, Saudization, Omanization etc.


The Business Context



» Meetings (format, scheduling, agenda, venue etc )
» First impressions (attire, language, nonverbal cues, etc)
» Presentations (business cards, PPT, catalogues etc)
» Negotiation (win/lose, win/win )
» Personal and professional relationships
» Trust (I am ready when you are )


Special Issues



» The youth culture
» Sexual harassment, Flirting
» Gift giving, corporate gifts
» Religious occasions, condolences
» Special Occasions (birthdays, Valentine day, Mother’s day etc)


Open Discussion


Evaluation and follow up plans